Hi everyone, Eileen here. I’m at Energise College this year and am loving it. The value added is a brilliant concept and one that has made all the difference to me. Extra help, extra knowledge, extra student - teacher contact has helped me understand new formats, tools and systems. I would have struggled without our Energise team. They are knowledgeable, approachable, available, and interactive. I love the stories from personal experience too. If you want the best from your learning experience - join Energise!
Hi I’m Arthur, and I’m studying Diploma of Ministry at Energise College which meets here at my church, The Mission Church. I’m in a class with some awesome people, the lecturers are down to earth and the lectures engaging. I’ve gotten a lot out of mostly the Old Testament Foundations and the Christian Worldview this semester. I highly recommend studying at Energise College, who’ve partnered with Alphacrucis College
Hi everyone, my name is Delyse. I am presently studying and hope to successfully complete the Diploma of Ministry this year. My studies are online, through the Alphacrucis College in conjunction with Energise College, a learning initiative that has been set up for the purpose of training and equipping people for ministry. I have found the teaching and support provided by the Energise tutors to be professional, helpful and insightful. Energise has added an important element of fullness to my student experience.
Hi all, this is Cheryl. At the beginning of the year I started online studies with Alphacrusis College while also having the added support of Energise College. This has been an amazing experience that has challenged me, and helped me grow in my faith. The team here at Energise have been incredibly supportive and friendly and the lectures are really interesting and informative . Without the face to face learning and the support received at Energise I would have struggled but, with Energise, I’m loving it!